Print software solutions provider Tharstern has signed up to exhibit at The Print Show 2021, saying the event will serve as an “important” networking and showcase platform as the industry recovers from Covid-19.

A long-time exhibitor at the event, Tharstern will return to the show in September to show off its latest products and speak with visitors about new software developments.

Amanda Newman, head of marketing at Tharstern, says trade shows are a big part of the company’s calendar and being unable to attend them for the past year has been a real disappointment.

However, with The Print Show confirmed as going ahead later this year, Newman says this will be a welcome relief to the industry.

“By the time The Print Show comes around it will be almost 18 months of everyone having very little social interaction, we are really looking forward to having face-to-face conversations with some of our customers, partners and other members of the print industry,” Newman says.

“It’s been a long time coming, and we’re really looking forward to seeing and interacting with other members of the print industry in person.

“The buzz at events can’t be replicated by Teams or Zoom calls, so being altogether in the NEC and surrounded by like-minded people what everyone in the print industry needs.”

Newman adds that the show will be “really important” in terms of helping the industry’s recovery from the pandemic and its future growth.

“Not only will the show give a bit of a boost to the businesses that have taken a hit through the pandemic, but also show that trade events can go ahead successfully and businesses can start to see a return from them again,” Newman says.

“On the whole, the print industry is a very social industry and 18 months off from trade shows is far too long.”