Picon, the trade organisation that represents and supports the graphic arts suppliers in the UK, will once again exhibit at The Print Show this year, with plans to use the event as a key meeting point for existing and potential members.

The association works with manufacturers and suppliers to the printing, paper-making and paper converting sectors, with many of its members expected the attend the event this September either as visitors or exhibitors.

Bettine Pellant, chief executive of Picon, said that the association’s core goal at the exhibition will be to provide members and would-be members with a place to “meet, talk and refresh”.

“The Print Show is a welcome return to in-person marketing; an opportunity to network and trade in a buzzing business environment,” Pellant says.

“We have continued to support our members throughout the pandemic, sometimes remotely and increasingly in person, and we are pleased that several of our members have the confidence to return to the exhibition scene to promote their products, to meet customers and to exchange information and ideas with their peers in the industry.

“Picon will be at the show, will use the opportunity to meet and greet members and to talk to a wider graphic arts audience and get a handle on current thinking and latest developments.”

Picon will not have a traditional exhibition stand as such; instead, the organisation will run a lounge for its members to relax or do business. Those interested in joining Picon, or existing members wanting to catch up on the latest goings on from within the association, including information on the grants it can offer them to help them recruit young people or train staff, can also drop by.

“Although the pandemic instigated a number of interesting marketing developments such as live demonstrations, there is still added value in being able to talk one to one with customers, to address their particular requirements and to get to know them and their business needs better,” Pellant says.

“I know that printers like shows like this where they can research developments and compare and contrast competing products easily, and in a time-efficient way. Suppliers have not halted their research and development during the pandemic, so this is a great platform to signpost new trends, new products and new ways of thinking.”

Chris Davies, event director for The Print Show, said he is “delighted” to once again have the support of Picon, saying the backing of leading trade associations such as Picon represents a significant show of support from some of the leading and most respected voices in the UK print industry.

“We’ve been working with Picon for a number of years, and we are delighted to be able to welcome them back to The Print Show again this year,” Davies says, adding: “Bettine and her committed team provide a hugely important service to the industry – a service that has become even more important in recent years.

“Visitors and exhibitors alike will have the opportunity to learn more about Picon on their stand at The Print Show and find out how the association can help them and their business, no matter what area of the market they work in.”