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Siltech Limited




Siltech Limited is a company that has developed a unique expertise in smart ink technology. Our inks change colour, volume , opacity etc. when exposed to heat, UV, radiation, steam or other stimulants and can be used as sophisticated indicators and monitors of change, or as new and innovative printing or marking technologies.

Siltech Limited is a privately owned company that develops and manufactures smart inks, lacquers and labels for sale into the printing, packaging, security (brand protection, traceability, tamper-evidence), medical sterilisation, heat and radiation curing, food retorting, coding & marking, etc, sectors. Siltech has developed an extensive portfolio of intellectual property as well a range of almost 20 products that have been released to market since 2010.

From our laboratories in Nottingham, we specialise in developing chemical systems which can be stimulated with energy to produce a change in colour, opacity, volume or surface texture. We have products which respond to the following sources of stimulation: Laser, LED, Steam, Heat, Gamma radiation, UV/ IR radiation, Ethylene
oxide, etc.