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Wildcard Software




With over a decade of experience, Wildcard was formed in 2003 by Geoff Needham. When established, Wildcard Software was a pioneer in online systems, with web based management applications. At the time there was no broadband so as well as learning to convince potential users of the merits of an online system, we learned a lot about how to write efficient and user friendly systems.

Today, Wildcard Software continues to be at the forefront of applications service providers. We provide systems others are still thinking about and we provide them at affordable prices and user friendly.

We currently have four applications which service over 4,000 clients throughout Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe and North America. Our systems cover life insurance, general insurance, tour operator industries, printing industries and architecture.

Wildcard Software employs a highly motivated, long-standing workforce with technical backgrounds, which enables Wildcard to build strong relationships and react quickly to our customer’s needs.