Diversification Zone

Diversification Zone

As organisers of The Print Show, we promote the Diversification Zone as a major benefit of attending the event, giving visitors the opportunity to learn something new and access expert advice.

The Diversification Zone has been a key part of The Print Show for five years, but given the events of the last year, this feature is now more important than ever. If the pandemic has taught print companies one thing, it is that they should look to diversify into new areas – if they have not done so already – in order to add more value to their business and secure new customers.

Moving into new markets often means investing in new kit, and this is where the Diversification Zone can help. Visitors can talk to leading manufacturers and suppliers from a range of markets to learn more about these sectors and how they can access new work. Free to access, the Diversification Zone will this year include five different areas, each dedicated to a sector regarded as a profitable and realistic expansion option for printers.

Textile Print

Regarded as a key growth market for some time now, textile print offers print companies the chance to move into a wide range of sectors, including exciting areas such as fashion and interior design.

Vehicle Wrap

Traditionally seen as a market exclusively for print’s sign-making cousins, the creative and visual nature of vehicle wraps makes this sector an excellent expansion option for print businesses.


A global trend of more retailers and manufacturers moving into paper-based packaging to help satisfy demand for environmentally friendly products has opened up a whole world of new opportunities for printed packaging.


Catching the consumer’s eye is critical in today’s modern market and print has a big role to play in this as part of the wider marketing mix, with a wide range of print-based branding opportunities available.

3D Print

One of the most forward-thinking sectors of the industry that has had an immense impact on the wider world, 3D print offers a whole host of new opportunities to print companies.


Another area once reserved for sign-makers, an increasing number of print businesses are now making the move into this varied sector to take advantage of the amount of work on offer.