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The Print Show understands the challenges facing suppliers and manufacturers to the print industry, as it is part of the same group that owns Print Monthly magazine—which has served the UK commercial print supply chain for 25 years.

The exhibition space pricing below is very competitive and is based upon an undertstanding of the need for exhibitors to generate a quick return on-investment from the show. Known widely as a ‘selling show’, the vast majority of exhibitors not only recoup their initial costs directly from sales on the show floor, but make geunine ROI—while pipeline and sales lead generation provides for new revenue generation and an expanded market share months after the show has closed.

Space Only Stand

£300 per square metre + VAT


Exhibition Floor Space
Overnight Cleaning

Shell Scheme Stand

£375 per square metre + VAT


Exhibition Floor Space
Shell Walls
Name Board
Overnight Cleaning

To book your exhibition space, call The Print Show team at Link Exhibitions on 0117 980 5049

Chris Davies

Event Director

Adam Every

Sales Manager

Luke Stoneham

Senior Sales Executive